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9 October 2014:

Today I am grateful to, where I am taking various University online courses for free. I really enjoy communicating with interesting fellow learners from around the globe,

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23 February 2012: busy day

2012: Time for Change

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Work, learning (of two kinds), child issues, relationship with husband – all packed in one easy package of a day. I am thankful I’ve done it all and can now go to bed with clear consciousness.

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14 February 2012: driving lesson

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Today I am grateful to my driving instructor who puts up with my idiocy with Olympian calmness.

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7 February 2012: revitalised

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Today I am grateful for the fact that I shook off some of the cold that I caught a fortnight ago, and the general winter hibernation, and I got a glimpse of energy and creative inspiration, so I wrote the first draft of the task for my Writing Course.

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26 January 2012: a good tutor

Creative writing class-fine arts center (40269...

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Today I am grateful to my tutor at the Creative Writing Course for her clear and helpful advice on how to improve one of my stories. It was really appreciated.

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19 January 2012: a new friend

You’re not going to believe it. I don’t believe it myself. So, today, at my Writing Course, I sat in a different seat from the one at the first session (a tip I picked up somewhere – good for changing your perspective and stuff). Next to some lady. And from then on, it’s like whatever she said or I said – the other just said “me too, me too”.

We both love “Women Who Run With the Wolves” and Jung, she’s a counsellor and I dream of becoming one. We both have ani-capitalist beliefs.


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She lives around the corner from me. She performs her poetry, I immediately want to perform mine with her… Amazing.

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18 January 2012: husband’s tips on driving

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Today I am grateful to my husband for the tips on driving. Very useful (I’m learning, and I think I’m the only one among my female friends who is in a marriage where a husband drives, whereas the wife doesn’t. It’s the other way around nowadays. Except for me).

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