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6 August 2014: forest

Today I am grateful to the forest and to my friends who go there with me – to wander and drum.

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1 June 2014: a friend ensures success of exhibition

Today I ma grateful to my friend who works in a cafe and who let me put up my paintings on the walls there, and who sold all nine of my paintings! Unbelievable! I am so happy.

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24 May 2014: time with friends

There is this Soviet cartoon called “The Big Secret” The big secret for three friends turns out to be: the main thing is to have someone to talk to. Today I am grateful to people, my friends, among others, who are prepared to sacrifice their time listening to me.

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7 April 2014: friendly support

Today I am grateful to two friends who sent me a nice supporting e-mail and talked to me over skype.

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31 March 2014: friends

Today I am grateful for my friends. It is so great to have them in my life. Today i received a long email from one and sent her a long email back, and I listened to recordings of conversations I had with another, almost 3 years, and that took me back to the lazy days of summer.

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5 December 2013: surprising connections

Today I am grateful for miracle of human experience, really. How it can happen that you meet a person, and you don’t think much of it after the first few encounters – in may be a work contact or something, but then gradually your connections gets stronger, and then one day you realise that you actually trust this person, and they trust you, and you’re at ease around each other, and you want them to be happy.

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2 December 2013: friends in December

Today I am grateful for the fact that some friends do not actually disappear off the face of the earth for the whole December, and some groups and classes do not stop. So, I am grateful to my frame drumming friends – in particular, for our first public performance on Saturday – yeah! I am grateful to my counsellor friend (a friend who is also a counsellor, not a counselling friend) for a conversation, and to her husband for having seen him put stale beer and cheap aftershave into an aroma diffuser – I mean, one lives for moments like this, doesn’t one?


December Beach

December Beach (Photo credit: DeusXFlorida (3,352,759 views) – thanks guys!)




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