18 January 2014: Sherlock Series 3

19 Jan

Today I am grateful not so much for Sherlock Series 3 which proved a disappointment, until a passable 3rd episode came out, but for the community of Sherlock fans, who have been amazing since the start of the whole enterprise, and particularly in the past two years, with their witty pretend reviews of Series 3 on Amazon, of which this is one great example, and their honest and passionate discussions of the Series 3 on social networking media as each episode was broadcast. Many tweets were genius, as this one, for example:

CarOLINe MORGAN @heartsincamelot

Is this real life,
or is this just fantasy?
Caught in a Sherlock landslide,
the return of Moriarty
#Sherlock #SherlockLives #MoriartyLives

I am part of that minority who were shocked by the low quality of episodes 1 and 2, but were revived by episode 3, and I am grateful to all the people in my camp for being honest in expressing their beliefs, however much it hurt. However, equally I am grateful to all the fans, even holding opposing views, for being there, for being creative, for believing in Sherlock.

Here is to brilliant Series 4!!!!

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