18 December 2013: out for a breath

18 Dec

I cannot stand commercialised Christmas, I have written like 4 anti-Christmas poems, and yet Christmas fever has swept me away and left on the shore, exhausted, clutching the last card in my hand, thinking whether I should go to the post office tomorrow (I am sure the post lady is about to give me a medal as the champion of Christmas posting), or just dig out an ordinary non-Christmas second-class stamp from somewhere and be done with it. On the second thought, it must be Post Office, because – guess what! I am out of sticky tape!!!!

In the midst of all this, there were: unexpected cars from people – I was really touched. Drumming. Appreciative audience at my poetry reading. And kindness of strangers; somebody – I don’t even know their gender or age – kindly texted back to me when an important text about directions to my house which I sent to a person whose number I was putting in my mobile for the first time, went astray into their phone. I was able to correct the number and re-send the message. Otherwise that person would not have received the message and I would have thought they just ignored it. So I texted back to the kind stranger saying thank you.


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