31 December 2012: Goddess power

31 Dec
The Smith family Back: Roger, Francine, Klaus,...

The Smith family Back: Roger, Francine, Klaus, Hayley, and Steve; Front: Stan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, I never thought American dad cartoons would ever get mentioned in this my blog. I always thought it and its twin Family Guy too dark. I guess, the realities of American capitalism are so awful, that you only get two choices: hide in denial or scream your head off. Which these cartoons do, I suppose. Not that the realities of British capitalism are any better. Our way of dealing with inequalities and injustices is dividing into classes: speaking different languages, wearing different clothes and living in different places and thus pretending that other classes simply don’t exist.

HOWEVER the Goddess works in mysterious way and episodes Stan of Arabia 1 and 2 clearly stated the truth that patriarchal societies, no matter what religion will always agree on subjugating women. And the other truth is that God is a woman. Thank you, American Dad!

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