Day 267 – 269

17 Sep

17 September 2012: Letting go
Today I am grateful to the teaching of the Biddha. It is practical, it is doable, it works.

Just, sit.

A lot of this….

…these past few days.

Does anyone notice that when doing this work sometimes the egoistic ‘attack’ becomes more intense?  In the Zen literature, it’s referred as the struggle of the ego, not wanting to let go its dominance.

Here’s an extract from an interview from Englightenment Magazine

WIE: What is the ego according to Ch’an Buddhism?

Master Sheng-yen:
 In Ch’an Buddhism the idea of ego revolves around the idea of attachment or clinging. The ego originally does not exist. It is created as a result of attachment to the body and attachment to one’s ideas or one’s own viewpoint. But because both the body and the mind are impermanent and constantly changing over time, our attachments to them are always changing as well. And as these attachments change, the ego also changes. So from the perspective of Ch’an, the ego does not exist in the sense…

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