9 March 2012: a funny postman

11 Mar

You would think that having to withstand British weather and dogs will turn everyone into a sour puss. But not, one of our postman actually gave me some free comedy. So, I hear a door bell ring. That usually happens when there is a parcel that does not fit in the door slot. If I don’t pick it up now I will have to go and collect it at the parcel station miles away. So I run downstairs  screaming “Coming!” and open the door juts to find no one there. I go back upstairs. Look out of the window and see that the gate is in fact open. Look down and see the red uniform by my door. Run back downstairs screaming “Coming!”. Open the door. There is this young smiling lad there, in a postman uniform, saying “Oh, I just put your parcel in your recycling bin in your back garden. I am quite agile, you see, so I hopped over the fence”. I say: “That’s a nice solution. Thank you”. And go to the back garden to pick up the parcel.

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