16 January 2012: Sherlock Episode 6 “The Reichenbach Fall”

16 Jan
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Here I am again – eternally grateful to Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat for Sherlock, the last episode of the second Season of which left me wanting more.

Cinematography is obviously inferior as compared with Season One, and the writing might have got a bit more watery and sentimental, rather than emotional. Where are the bold, concise one and two-liners which used to nail characters?

Nevertheless, Sherlock is still a creative triumph of a great team.

My heartfelt gratitude goes today especially to Martin Freeman, who carried the emotional weight of the episode. Just as he opened Episode One: honestly, fearlessly and with layers that created his character, so he brought us to the conclusion of Season Two.

Bye, Sherlock, and see you in Season Three!


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2 responses to “16 January 2012: Sherlock Episode 6 “The Reichenbach Fall”

  1. Tim

    16/01/2012 at 6:26 pm

    Yes, it’s been another great run of episodes and one which leaves an intriguing mystery for us to puzzle over – how did Sherlock cheat death?

    All three principal actors were wonderful – I finally warmed to Andrew Scott here – but I totally agree that Martin Freeman is brilliant here. He expresses so much with a frown and a look as John goes through his own quiet and private grief, and not once does John’s faith in Sherlock waver, even after his rooftop ‘confession’.

    I found it interesting that Moriarty so easily (but plausibly) paints Sherlock as a fake with a few well-placed suggestions. Of course, Sherlock is genuine and it is everything he himself does which is fake. A fake triple crime – not accomplished with technology but via more mundane methods, a sham trial, a fake identity (as an actor, no less – how very meta!) and so on.

    No news yet on when series three is coming. Let’s hope it’s 12 months rather than 18 this time round, although with Cumberbatch’s and Freeman’s film schedules, I suspect it might be quite a long wait.

    • sunnysmile

      16/01/2012 at 11:30 pm

      I could not agree more. I might have had issues with the cinematography or reservations about the writing, but acting has stayed brilliant and/or improved.

      Yes, both Moriarty’s character and story have been well done. Moriarty never ceased to surprise – all the way through. He has been consistently intense, defiant, placing himself above morality and “ordinary people” – a very interesting character for a Holmes saga.

      The ease of Moriarty scheme I think was explained in the episode itself by the fact that nobody like a smart … I, myself being one, don’t like a smart … Like only tonight I did not like a person at my drumming lesson who was offering their smart ideas without invitation. 🙂

      Yes, it has been quite a long wait, hasn’t it? Two summers fit in between.

      I am sure all will be revealed in the next episode, whenever that is. In the original stories Holmes explains everything to Watson in the next short story.


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