23 December 2011: Julia Darling

23 Dec

Poetry BooksToday I am grateful to the late British poet Julia Darling. What happened was I was doing my “Artist’s Date” in my local library and I simply grabbed her collection of poems “Sudden Collapses in Public Places” (2003) by accident. And I read a couple of poems and I liked them. Simply that – liked them. But you poetry-lovers, or haters, must admit, that this does not happen often. Poems bore you often – annoy you – often. You can appreciate them. But it happens extremely rarely that you actually like poems – for what they are. And not because the author is the judge on every poetry competition you send your poems to.


Having realised this fact myself, I went back after a while and checked the book out. And read it. And liked every poem in it. They are just – alive, sincere, natural, flowing. Taking unexpected but human turns. And I even was going to write to her – telling her all of this.

But she died. In 2005.

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One response to “23 December 2011: Julia Darling

  1. Eric Alagan

    24/12/2011 at 2:57 am

    All any writer has to do is to touch one person…our life is fullfilled.
    Rest In Peace, Julia Darling,
    You’ve touched many.


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