22 September 2011: the Artist’s Way

22 Sep

Today I am grateful to Julia Cameron and her The Artist’s Way. The amazing thing about it is that it works.

For example, this morning I felt low on energy. Drained. Did not want to do absolutely anything. Not even the Morning Pages. I felt sore, like poisoned. But then I forced myself to take a notepad and start the Morning Pages. At first I related the events of today, then moved to yesterday and wrote that last night my good friend criticises, in my view, without any foundation, my short story – an a favourite one for that. I sent it to her just to show that I value her as my friend and I want to share with her.

Yet, even as she was saying things she did, I realised that it is hurting my Inner Artist – Inner Child. Although on the conscious level I did not agree with what she said at all, and I was not going to change anything in the story.

And in the Morning Pages in came out – that my Inner Child was hurt – and di not want to play with me any more. So I promised my Inner CHild never to show any of my works to this friend again.

And guess what? For the rest of the day, I have been painting, doing Pilates, drumming, meditating and crocheting! Just like that!


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